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PowerProbe Geotechnical Deck Mounted Auto-Drop Hammer

The auto-drop hammer can be used to meet ASTM Method D 1586, a standard test method for penetration and split-barrel sampling of soils, commonly known as “SPT.”

Geotechnical Hammers for AMS PowerProbe Rigs

The AMS geotechnical hammers can be added to your truck or trailer-mounted PowerProbe™ or most drill rigs with an open, flat platform.

• Ideal for SPT
• Convenient

The hydraulic controlled in-and-out adjustment, as well as the levelling feature, makes it easier to comply with the ASTM method, and the design offers optimal operator safety and convenience.

The pendant remote control feature allows the operator to stand in a location where the advancement of the sampler, under the impact of the hammer, can be easily and safely monitored.

Option for PowerProbe Models

Ordering Information:
5250.20 Deck Mounted Auto-Drop Hammer