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G2 Central AMR Host

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The G2 Central Host Computer is the hardware platform for the G2 Central software and interface to the back-haul network. The Host Computer is a Windows- XP-based PC with standard I/O devices, storage and ports. Required support software, such as Microsoft Office, MapPoint and Visual Earth will come pre-installed and verified. Network access and high-speed internet access will always be required. Thus, utility IT assistance will be required for the setup of the Host Computer. The Host Computer should always be dedicated solely to the G2 Net functions.

The G2 Central software provides a map or imagery based user interface

The G2 Central software provides the following functions:

Visual Interface to Accounts: Accounts are represented as icons on the screen. The icons change (color, shape, etc) to reflect read status, datalog status and consumption patterns. Depending upon the type of M2 endpoint radio (water, gas, electric), the icon will reflect certain conditions according to the data flags (i.e. leak for water, peak demand for electric or high usage for gas).

Instantaneous Reads: The user can access account information for any account by simply clicking on the icon.

Instantaneous History: The user can access a history file (datalog) for any account by simply clicking on the icon and selecting “Get Log” from the popup menu. This function accesses stored data within the appropriate SubNet Controller in the field, via the back-haul network. In this Log View, data is presented in a bar chart or line graph.

Review Consumption Issues: The user can filter the screen to only display accounts/icons with a specific status. For instance, the meter filter can be configured to only show water accounts with leaks. The meter filter can be configured simply through the configuration menu to accommodate almost any combination of views. The user can also utilise the Data View to see sorted lists of accounts with specific data flags.

Hardware Specifications
Due to utility IT preferences or requirements, the Host computer is selected at the time of purchase. T2 typically provides a commercial available, high-end PC with a flat screen display. Options such as mirrored or backup drives can also be specified.

Memory Requirements: 1 GB minimum
Internet: High speed internet connection
Disk Storage: 40GB minimum
Operating System: Windows XP Pro (current release/updates)
User Interface platform: Microsoft MapPoint; Microsoft Visual Earth
Database platform: Microsoft Access
Datalog file format: CSV (comma separated variable)

Software Provided:
Microsoft Office Pro (including MS Access)
Microsoft MapPoint
Microsoft Visual Earth
G2 Central Software
T2 I/E Utility
T2 Data Analysis Software
T2 Diagnostic Software Package

The G2 Net system can also be utilised at any time to access the data storage in the SNCs. Each SNC logs account data for each M2 endpoint radio (up to 5000 accounts, at 1 hour intervals, for up to 60 days). The following data is stored for each account:

• Account ID
• Meter Reading
• Data Flags
• Signal Strength

The data flags signify one of the following conditions:
• Leak Detected
• Conservation Violation
• High Usage
• Zero Usage
• Back-flow Detected
• Communication Error
• Register Fault
• Low Battery Flag

Ordering Information:
G2 Central AMR Host