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G2 Mobile AMR System

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The AMR network from the M2 radio endpoints to the SubNet Controller is a 900 MHz unlicensed proprietary network developed by T2. This network is optimised for the collection of data from the ground to “tree-top” level. Basic data collection in the AMR network is performed in a simple, efficient one-way method. Network communication is performed with an optimised proprietary protocol which provides data security and redundancy. The G2 Central Host has network configuration and diagnostic tools to aid operations during installation, maintenance and normal AMR operations.

T2 AMR data can be viewed within the G2 Mobile software, with a separate datalogging software package from T2 or with any spreadsheet software

The R2m Mobile Transceiver serves as the data collector for the meter reading function and two-way communication channel for the configuration and datalogging for all M2 Endpoint Radios.

GPS Receiver
The GPS receiver provides active GPS coordinates to the G2 Mobile system for positioning on the user interface.

NRD Network Relay
The NRD is a one-way 900 MHz Spread Spectrum network relay. It serves as a data relay for any radio endpoints in proximity. In a mobile system, the NRD is controlled by the G2 Mobile Laptop System via the R2m Mobile Transceiver.

G2 Mobile Laptop
The G2 Mobile Laptop is a mobile AMR system based on hardened laptop computer and Microsoft software technology. The G2 Mobile system utilises a Durabook laptop computer for the user interface and data storage platform. This laptop is selected for its performance and hardened physical specifications. The Durabook is pre-loaded with all G2 Mobile software and pre-tested with the R2m Mobile Transceiver and GPS receiver prior to delivery.

The G2 Mobile software uses Microsoft MapPoint as the basis for the graphical user interface. The interface shows meter icons (located with GPS coordinates) and a vehicle icon (dynamically located with input from the GPS receiver). Meter icons relay account status information via specific shapes and colors to indicate read/non-read status, errors, leaks, conservation violations, high usage, zero usage and backflow status. Audio feedback is also available.

The G2 Mobile software utilizes Microsoft Access as the online database. The database contains tables for the meter information, reads, account status flags, GPS coordinates, etc.

The G2 Mobile System can be used for scheduled meter reading and also on-demand datalogging. Since access is not required, utility personnel can obtain detailed consumption information at any time for customer service, maintenance or analysis purposes.

FCC Compliance: Part 15.247 Unlicensed
Frequencies: 902 to 928 MHz
RF Technique: Spread Spectrum

Weight: 0.68 kg
Dimensions: 90 W x 34.5 H x 165 D mm

R2n enclosure rating: Splashproof
Temperature Rating: -40 to 70 oC
Enclosure: Stainless Steel L-Case
Cable Entry: Rubber grommets
Colour: Polished SS

Maximum Power Requirement: 3W / 1A
Power Requirement: 12 Vdc
Power Connector: Round vehicle DC plug

RF Cable/Connector
Antenna connector: N-female
End connector (@ R2m): RP-TNC

Antenna: 7 db Omni-directional Whip
Vehicle mounting options: Magnetic mount; Universal trunk mount; Surface mount

Data Communication
Type: USB-2
Connector: USB-type B

The G2 Net AMR/AMI system consists of the following components:
R2m: Two-way Mobile Transceiver
NRD: One-way Relay
M2: Universal Endpoint Radio
G2 Mobile: Mobile meter reading and datalogging computer
Data Centre: Centralised software application for data consolidation, billing system interface and reporting.

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T2 G1 Mobile Read System