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G2-Net System SNC

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The SNC is a Sub-Net Controller for the G2 Net. The SNC incorporates and R2 n for the 900MHz AMR network, and embedded computer and a backhaul network communication module. The SNC serves as an intelligent network bridge between the T2 and backhaul networks.

SNC has capacity for data storage of 5000 endpoints at 1hour intervals for 60 days with communication options for long hauls

SNC Features
• High performance RF reception of M1B or M2 endpoint radios
• 2-Way RF communication to centralized G2 Central Systems
• Capacity to manage 5000 endpoints (water gas or electric)
• Capacity for data storage of 5000 endpoints at 1hour intervals for 60 days. Memory configuration is flexible to allow for variations on storage
• Backhaul network options include cellular (2.5G or 3G), high power spread spectrum, municipal WiFi or wireless Ethernet
• AC or solar power options
• Unlicensed ISM band (900MHz) operation

The G2-Net System is a structured fixed network for meter reading applications. The G2-Net utilizes both an optimized 900-MHz AMR network for data collection and a high-speed backhaul network for data transfer/access. The system consists of a combination of field-mounted network devices linked back to a central location.

Frequency 900MHz ISM band
FCC compliance: Part 15.247 (unlicenced)
Temperature: -40F to 158F (-40C to +70C)
Humidity: 100%/Fully Submersable
Power: 3.6v Battery Pack, 12 volt of 120VAC
Dimensions: 7.87W x 5.5H x 1.69D in (200w x 140h x 43d mm)

The G2 Net system can also be utilized at anytime to access the data storage in the SNCs. Each SNC logs account data for each M2 endpoint radio (up to 5000 accounts, at 1 hour intervals, for up to 60 days). The following data is stored for each account:
• Account ID
• Meter Reading
• Data Flags
• Signal Strength

The data flags signify one of the following conditions:
• Leak Detected
• Conservation Violation
• High Usage
• Zero Usage
• Backflow Detected
• Communication Error
• Register Fault
• Low Battery Flag

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G2 SNC Sub-Net Controller