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12v 38AH Gel Cell Battery

The PS Series is a rugged, trouble-free, valve-regulated battery, providing a reliable service life.

The PS Series conforms to UN2800 Special Provision A67 in IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.

PS Series batteries are regarded as non-hazardous for transport by road, rail and air, provided they are properly packed and the terminals cannot short circuit.

Special Features:
• Low maintenance – gases generated during float charge are recombined in the cell, meaning there’s no need to add electrolyte
• Trouble-free and safe operation in any position
• Easy to handle with leak-proof construction
• Long service life – approximately 4 to 5 years dependable service in normal operating conditions
• Long shelf life - up to a year at room temperature before charging is needed
• State-of-the-art design using high-grade materials
• High discharge rate – more than 10 times the rated capacity of the battery, which means PS batteries can be used in applications needing high peak currents
• Rugged construction – the high impact resistant case is made of non-conductive plastic with superior resistance to shock, vibration and heat.

Battery Model: PS12400
Part: 15313
Volts: 12
AH: 38
L x W x H: 197 x 165 x 170mm
Total Height: 170 mm
Weight: 13.20 kg
Terminals: T10

Ordering Information:
PS12400 - Century 12v 38AH Gel Cell Battery