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AMS Hammer Head Cross Handle

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Without sacrificing effectiveness, this 2.1 lb cross hammer will lighten your load as it virtually eliminates the need for the heavier, more cumbersome slide hammer.

AMS Hammer Head Cross Handle works with dead blow hammers

No longer will you need to lug around a separate slide hammer. You can use this lightweight, dual purpose cross handle as a basic manual-push cross handle or pound your soil sampling device into the ground using an impact-absorbing hammer.

5/8" threaded 2" machined stress proof steel body with 7/8" chrome molybdenum cross member.

• Light weight (2.1 lb)
• Cross member connects to the body with a single set screw for easy repair or replacement
• Silver zinc plating for added rust resistance
• No visible welds
• Rubber grips

Ordering Information:
5/8" Threaded
401.27 12" Hammer Head Cross Handle
11677 37 oz. Dead blow Hammer