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AMS Ratcheting Cross Handles

The AMS ratcheting cross handle has been improved! A new and improved open mechanism makes cleaning the handle easier, improving its reliability. 18" long and made of carbon steel, it is available with either a 5/8" threaded, Signature, or Quick Connect connection.

AMS Ratcheting Cross Handles reduces effort and allows use in tight field situations

• Carbon steel design is highly durable
• A new and improved open mechanism makes cleaning the handle easier, improving reliability
• Ratcheting feature can be made to accommodate left-handed users
• 18" handles are fitted with comfortable grips and allows for more torque
• Available with 3 connection options
- Signature Series
- Threaded
- Quick Connect
• A switch is built in to allow for reverse action when using the Quick Connect Option.

Ordering Information:

Signature Series
351.54 18" Signature Rubber Coated Cross Handle
351.56 18" Signature Ratcheting Cross Handle

5/8" Threaded
401.26 10" Cross Handle w/Grips
406.02 16" Cross Handle
406.04 16" Rubber Coated Cross Handle
406.80 18" Ratcheting Cross Handle

3/4" Threaded
406.01 22" Cross Handle
406.05 22" Rubber Coated Cross Handle

5/8" Threaded, Stainless Steel
401.24 10" SST Cross Handle
409.11 16" SST Cross Handle

Quick Connect
309.05 16" QC Cross Handle
306.06 16" QC Rubber Coated Cross Handle
306.07 18" QC Ratcheting Cross Handle

Quick Connect, Stainless Steel
309.11 16" QC SST Cross Handle

Replacement Parts
406.82 5/8" Ratchet Cross Handle Fitting
406.83 Signature Ratchet Cross Handle Fitting
406.86 QC Ratchet Cross Handle Fitting
13378 Snap Ring (Requires 2)
406.85 Ratchet Handle Only (No Fittings