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AMS Stainless Steel Cross Handles

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AMS Stainless Steel Cross Handles

The 16" and 22" chrome molybdenum models are available with or without the textured rubber coating. While the 16" models are available with either a 5/8" threaded or a Quick Connect connection, the 22" models are only available with a 3/4" threaded connection. The 10" models are available in either stainless steel or chrome molybdenum and offer a 5/8" threaded connection only. The chrome molybdenum model come standard with textured comfortable, grips. The 10" and 16" models are available in stainless steel. All stainless steel (SST) models have plastic end caps on the tube ends for added safety.

Ordering Information:
Signature Series
351.54 18" Signature Rubber Coated Cross Handle
351.56 18" Signature Ratcheting Cross Handle

5/8" Threaded
401.26 10" Cross Handle w/Grips
406.02 16" Cross Handle
406.04 16" Rubber Coated Cross Handle
406.80 18" Ratcheting Cross Handle

3/4" Threaded
406.01 22" Cross Handle
406.05 22" Rubber Coated Cross Handle

5/8" Threaded, Stainless Steel
401.24 10" SST Cross Handle
409.11 16" SST Cross Handle

Quick Connect
309.05 16" QC Cross Handle
306.06 16" QC Rubber Coated Cross Handle
306.07 18" QC Ratcheting Cross Handle

Quick Connect, Stainless Steel
309.11 16" QC SST Cross Handle

Replacement Parts
406.82 5/8" Ratchet Cross Handle Fitting
406.83 Signature Ratchet Cross Handle Fitting
406.86 QC Ratchet Cross Handle Fitting
13378 Snap Ring (Requires 2)
406.85 Ratchet Handle Only (No Fittings