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Petite Ponar Grab

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The Ponar Sampler enjoys widespread use on all types of bottoms for sampling bethos sediments in both fresh and salt water

This scaled-down sampler gives a whole new meaning to the word “petite.” It can be easily carried by one person in one hand. Since it weighs under 25 pounds, you can use it on a line without the winch and crane recommended for the larger version. Same design as the standard Ponar® with stainless-steel construction. Uses 3/16” line or 61-B14 cable. Available with or without case.

• Lighter by half than standard Ponar®
• For hand line operation
• Removable screens, heavy duty hinges
• Self-releasing Pinch-Pin™
• Extra weights available
• Center pivot for low bottom disturbance

Materials: 304/ 316 SS and/ or plated steel
Fasteners, screen: 18-8 stainless steel
Weight and volume: 11 kg (24 lb); 2.4 L
Total weight: 14 kg (30 lb)
Sample area: 152 x 152 mm (6 x 6”)
Takes case: 910-G26, plastic
Mesh on screen: 500 μm

Ordering Information:
Petite Ponar® Grab
1728-G30 Petite, SS Scoops only
1728-G40 Petite, All Stainless Steel

Replacement Parts and Accessories
1728-G36 Replacement screen, slide type, Pair
1726-G12 Weights, galvanized, pack 4, 2 lbs. each
1726-G52 Weights, stainless steel, pack 4, 2 lbs. each
1728-L12 Pinch-pin™ with chain and safety pin

910-G26 Plastic case with foam for Petite Ponar®.
190-E25 Washbucket, 500 μm mesh, for contents

61-B14 Cable, b” dia. stainless steel, 100’
62-C15 3/16” polyester line, 100’

66-C10 All-purpose winch
66-C52 Winch mount with clamp
66-A50 Hand reel for holding line