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Russian Sediment Borer

Ideal for use in woody peat, sand, silt, and clay. Borer measures 5 cm in diameter and 50 cm in length with a sample volume of 10 ml/cm. The optional bronze slide hammer assembly (sold separately) helps you drive and retrieve the borer in compact deposits.

Russian Sediment Borer

This manually-driven, side-filling sampler collects discrete, uncompressed samples from rivers, lakes, wetlands, and estuaries. The single-moving part, chambered-type borer collects quality samples which are not compressed or shortened during recovery, unlike samples taken with end-filling core samplers. Sampling is easy.

The Russian Sediment Borer is a side filling chambered-type sampler. This discrete point sampler enables one to drive the sampler to any point in the sediment profile in the closed (empty) position.

Use the lightweight, buoyant aluminum holobar extension rods for one-man operation of the sampler from a boat.

Once the target depth is reached, the “T” handle is turned clockwise to initiate the sampling while the pivotal cover plate supports the cutting action of the bore. As the sampler is turned 180 degrees, the sharpened edge of the bore longitudinally cuts a semi-cylindrical shaped sample until the opposite side of the cover plate is contacted.

The contained sample can now be recovered without risk of contamination by overlying sediments. The sample is extruded from the bore by a counterclockwise rotation where sample rests on cover plate ready for sectioning.

• Paleoecological analysis of bog and salt marsh sediments
• Collection of uncompressed cores in poorly decomposed woody peat
• Shallow water applications

Russian Sediment Borer Unit Includes:
Stainless steel borer (50.0 cm X 5.4 cm O.D., 2.0 mm wall thickness) one wall of the core tube is sharpened to longitudinally cut through sediments when sampler is turned clockwise solid Delrin(r) core head and bottom point support a stainless steel cover plate which freely rotates inside the core tube the stainless steel cover plate (2.0 mm thick) is curved and sharpened to minimize disturbance when inserted into the sediments. Two aluminum extension rods (1.0 m X 1.9 cm diam.)with stainless steel coupling nuts aluminum turning handle plastic carrying case.

Additional rods (4.0 cm diameter) are available in two lengths, 1.2 m and 2.4 m.

Ordering Information:
FS77218 Russian Sediment Borer
FS77219 Bronze Slide Hammer Assembly
FS77237 1.2 m Aluminum Holobar Extension Rods
FS77238 2.4 m Aluminum Holobar Extension Rods